Thursday, August 25, 2011


So an update is in order on a little that has gone on this summer. My sister Jen got engaged (and married (pictures to come)) We are all so excited for her!
Kelsey and I went to color me mine for a fine and dandy date. We spent a total of 10 hours working on our projects.
I took a trip up to Oakley and went to my first rodeo and had a sleep over with Kelsey who is from there. She showed me all that Oakley has to offer, and I love it up there!
Then there was the yearly lake powell trip which is where I turned the rightful age of 21!
ok so this isn't Lake Powell but it was the only boating picture I had PLUS look at the air!

Since I went up to Oakley Kelsey decided to come down to Sandy...we had a joyous time! Now I'm back in Provo living in Santa Barbara again and loving it. School started on Monday and I'm already tired and sore, but I guess thats what you get being a dance major.