Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

and I get to spend it with this guy! :) He has brought so much joy to our household and is basically the cutest thing on the planet
also last week the girls of 218 took some adorable pictures with Santa here are some for you to enjoy...

I know we're CUTE! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope everyone has a GREAT one!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Finals are over! Although there were a lot of factors that made studying for me a little difficult I got through them and feel like I did pretty well. But what was finals week like for the girls in 218? You are about to find out...

and a whole lot of watching the best show on earth...

clearly it made us somewhat INSANE!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love sports

November 26 I went to the Jazz vs. Lakers game. First half sitting in our season ticket seats (2nd row from the top of the nose bleeds) Second half 4th row! It was AMAZING!

December 3-5 I flew to Wisconsin with my dad uncle and cousin for a Green Bay Packers game. It was so much fun! We took a tour of the stadium where we got to walk down the tunnel and onto the field. At the end of the tunnel they have three slabs of concrete they took from the old stadium where people like bart starr and vince lombardi walked :) SO COOL!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Guess what these girls did for me last night

they cleaned my room/unpacked for me, cooked me food and made me eat it even though I didn't feel like it, and they put gilmore girls on for me to fall asleep to.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guess who is 1?

I know his birthday was yesterday, but he still deserves a post :)
He is the cutest little nephew anyone could ask for!

27 days until I get to see you :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


This week has been AMAZING! Here is why...

Monday: Library date :) and yes I actually got stuff done

Wednesday: Breakfast day for modern. Jasons ultimate frisbee game (which he won) and bowling

Thursday: Jason won his ultimate frisbee game giving him the coveted shirt! He is awesome* so freaking good! If you want to read more about it visit Jillian or Jenna's blogs.

Friday: Dinner (special sandwich) and
game...which was disappointing since they lost, but still fun.

and now all I have to do is get through two days of school and then its THANKSGIVING! mmm I LOVE food and can't wait to eat my weight in it :)

*so original*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Rascal Flatts new CD came out today! I've been waiting for a new Cd for what seems like forever so of course this morning I downloaded it on itunes. While I was burning it onto a CD it automatically came out saying that an error had occured. I put the CD back in to see if it maybe just didn't have one song, but it showed that all 11 were there so I didn't worry. I got in my car put in the CD and halfway through the first song it completely stopped. I was ssssoo SAD! Especially because I had to leave straight from school to work and was so excited to listen to it on the way up and down, but NO! (Santa is now at the mall and he just walked past me and said hello! yeah santa and I are that close) Check out the new album here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

St. George

Why yes I went to St. George last weekend. It was a blast and I did not want to leave :( We drove down friday, dropped our stuff off in St. George and went to LAS VEGAS! We rode the big shot on the of the stratosphere. This was my first time and it was so fun! Here are some lovely pictures :)

Saturday we of course watched some college football then went on a hike.

The men definitely showed off their manliness jumping into freezing cold water...

while the girls created some awesome shadows...

Since we had been in Vegas previous night we played some poker with candy. Guess who was so close to taking all the money...that would be me! Who knew I would be so good at it.

And for everyone that was worried we did go to sacrament on Sunday before cleaning up and heading back home. The weather was perfect, the company was GREAT, and obviously I was way tired!