Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Fall break was last Thursday and Friday and can I just say it was very eventful and wonderful even though I stayed in Provo :). Since I had already shown my movement and had my conference with my teacher earlier in the week I did not have to go to class on Wednesday making my fall break an extra day long :) Tuesday night I got a call for and interview for Wednesday afternoon. I went to the interview and guess what... I got the job working here (which is where I'm writing the from right now). Thursday Jillian and I went to the park laid out a blanket and read...

to each other. I know we are just so cute! That night I had a work meeting where I learned more about what exactly I would be doing. Friday morning I went to work the be trained for a few hours. Later that night I had a date and he would not tell me what we were doing, just that it was a really good idea. He took me to my most favorite place.... I painted a mug that has a slot in the bottom to hold your cookies for cookies and milk. Pictures of it will come soon. There are many more details to this date that if you would like to know you may ask :) Lets just say I came home very happy. Saturday Jillian, Mikelle, and I went to the Provo farmers market, where I saw this guy...YIKES! When we got back I lead them in an hour of zumba, showered real fast and went to work. I got home a little before 10 to my surprise, my brother at my apartment. He had been hanging out with my roommates. Too bad for him I had already made plans with a cute boy. We went hot tubbing and boy did it feel good since I had been on my feet all day. Sunday was P Kez's homecoming! It was so good to see him, I can't believe all of my friends are starting to come back it's CRAZY! I had gotten hardly any sleep the two night previous so I basically slept all day on Mikelle's couch :) thanks Kelle.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I want to tell you about my AMAZING sister Jennifer Lane, but in order for me to do that we need to go back in time a few years to 2006. She went to BYU Hawaii for a semester and this is where her running career began with her first ever half marathon. Then in 2008 she ran her first marathon (Top of Utah) without training, in 3:34 qualifying her for the Boston Marathon.
In 2009 she ran the Boston Marathon (without sufficient training due to injury) she finished in 3:34 re-qualifying for Boston. This was a really cool experience watching her fun in such a huge event.
She did not run Boston again this year, but she did run the Chicago Marathon this weekend. She improved her time by 13 minutes, finishing in 3:21!
I am sad I was not able to be there this weekend with her to celebrate this amazing accomplishment!
I LOVE you Jen and I'm so proud of you!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bad day cure

Last night Mikelle, Jillian and I went over to Jillians friends apartment (carriage cove) we were there for only 20 minutes when my car was towed...yes TOWED! So basically it was a BAD night. With all of us being in kind of a bad mood we ate some ice cream and watched....

it was the perfect cure! We finished the second season and I love Jess!