Monday, January 24, 2011


I could not be more excited, my dad and I embraced in pure happiness when they won. Everyone watch them face the steelers on February 6th. Let me tell you a little about last week. So most days I take a snack to school. One day I had carrots and a clementine, the carrots were gross so I moved onto the clementine which was also gross. I was mad at my food that I bought myself a rice krispy treat to make it all better :) the next day I had a yogurt and clementine. The yogurt was kinda blah and not enjoyable so I went to the clementine which was worse than the previous day! This time I got a flat bread from jamba juice, it was a good choice. Then saturday I went to a baptism with my mom and totally had an allergic reaction to the food they served afterwards. Basically food and I did not get along very well. Also my roommates must be reading my blog because they had a bundt cake for my last night for my half birthday :) LOVE THEM!

Friday, January 14, 2011

guess what today is

my half birthday! I am now 20 1/2 years old now and it feels oh so great. I wish we celebrated half birthdays...or at least mine. I love having my birthday in the middle of summer, but I was never able to bring cupcakes to school to celebrate, or like this past year Jenna, Jillian, Mikelle and I would make a HUGE cookie and wake the birthday girl up at midnight singing happy birthday...and will I get that? nope. I had a little glimpse of what it would be like to have a birthday during the school months...last year my roommates woke me up early in the morning singing happy half birthday with a piece of cake and had breakfast ready for me. Im jealous of people who have birthdays september through april or may.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

what a break

Although some events leading up to the break weren't the best it turned out to be pretty WONDERFUL! It all started when this cute little family came into town.
It was so good to see them since the last time I did was in August (that is just too long!)

23rd was my annual family christmas party. Oh it was also an ugly sweater party...
I worked Christmas Eve :( but luckily I got off at 6. We had our own pajama parade, and started the tradition of acting out the nativity scene. Trent of course won festive christmas frivolity like he does every year, but I dominated the "back pack tales" category. (all the questions were about the green bay packers)

Christmas was magical. I gave Santa the genius idea of putting Jacks presents in bags so he could take them out. He LOVED it! That night I became ill, with a sore throat, runny nose, and body aches :(

Wednesday we saw
it was so cute!

Thursday we went snowmobiling with Batman, Laurie, Alfred Borden, Jack "cowboy" Kelley, or in other words....
yeah be jealous... I was in the same room with him for at least 20 minutes!

Friday I took Jack
on the train
at south towne mall. That night I started having body aches...AGAIN so guess how I rang in the new year? On my couch half asleep...and I'm totally ok with that.

Saturday I had to say goodbye to them :(
and that is basically where my break ends...