Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The PEEP KILLA'Z started their ragnar out by sleeping in a church...yes an old church Thursday night since we had a start time of 5:00 in the a.m.

yes all 12 of us rode in one van :)"stupid kids"

"hey cute bum, where you from?"

"It's the mother freaking RAGNAR!"

just over 30 hours of running, driving and partially sleeping with 400 peeps to throw at people along the way...what a BLAST!

runner 1: Jamie Hunter
runner 2: Joe Li
runner 3: Chase Potter
runner 4: ME
runner 5: Steen Gustafson
runner 6: Trent Newman
runner 7: Chantelle Potter
runner 8: Jason Johnson (great last minute add)
runner 9: (Ryan) Grover
runner 10: Jen Newman
runner 11: Taira Hubbard
runner 12: Stephen Hubbard

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

housekeeping 101...

I think that should be a required class to graduate high school! I just don't get people who think it is ok to leave out dishes with food on them... especially egg salad! After awhile even brownies start to smell bad like my kitchen. Oh how I wish I could put a scratch and sniff up so everyone could know how bad it really is. I was doing the leave them out until the culprits clean them up themselves, but it was so bad I gave in and decided it was time to clean the dishes yesterday and yes it made me and one of my roommates actually gag!
This picture was taken a few weeks ago...may 27 to be exact and see that thing of brownies on the stove? Yeah I cleaned that yesterday :)

...sorry for my venting

Friday, June 3, 2011

3 things...

so remember how I was going to be going to Lake Powell? well...I did go and it was a lot of fun. The water was FREEZING and it was super windy our first day there, but we made the best of it.

the girls

then I went to St. George to watch my AMAZING sister do and IRONMAN! Yes, she is CRAZY INSANE! She did AWESOME and finished in 12 hrs, 31 mins and 36 sec.

Jens roommate and friend made us t-shirts that said IRONJEN on them.

memorial day weekend I went to moab with some friends (new friends) we had such a blast cramming 20 some odd people into one little campsite. We did some crazy jeeping, and just had fun!
the escalator!

our awesome group

pure joy right there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sister Hicken

Here goes another one... on June 1 beautiful jillian left us for her mission

I'm so excited for her to serve in the Texas Houston East mission, she is going to be amazing!