Sunday, January 27, 2013

blind date

ok so normally I don't really like posting dating stories, but this one is too good not to post. So one of my roommates (Alexa) had this boy that she had been previously interested coming up to provo from school in St. George and was going to take her out.  He had a friend coming with him that needed a date as well so who better to set up with him than yours truly? So it was set for Saturday night.  That night before (Friday) I spent the night at my friends cabin in Midway and Saturday morning I tried out eating a male which meant I ate a TON! I also had some soup right before I left to drive back to Provo for my date.  Our dates pick us up and I was only slightly disappointed in mine, specifically his height, but whatever.  We go to dinner and I can't even imagine putting one more thing in my stomach at this point so I look over the menu for the lightest smallest thing I could order.  Of course everyone had to ask each other what we were getting so I said that I was going to get a cup of soup and my date was not accepting that, he wanted me to get something else.  I explained to him the story of how I tried out eating someone and was way full so I didn't need food, but he insisted that I get more than soup.  I settled for an appetizer which I didn't even finish.  After dinner we watched a movie.  I sat in such a position to show that I did not want to be touched (it was a blind date after all) This did not stop him, he put his arm around me and pulled me in.  How was I supposed to embarrass him in front of his friends and reject that? So, I just let it happen.  Some time went by as he inched toward my hand, which was between my legs, he pulled it out a little and said "your hand is getting hot" I didn't say anything to that and not much long after he grabbed it.  I had no idea what to do at that point I have never had a guy that I didn't want to hold my hand hold my hand, so I unfortunately just sat there.  Maybe my mind started thinking of a different boy who I am crushing on at the moment...oops. The movie ended and that was my chance to pull away.  It was then decided that we were going to go to nickel city.  We played a game of laser tag and usually you're on your own as you run around shooting people, but no he stayed by me the whole time.  Then we played some arcade games and were winning some major tickets.  We played the basketball game and then he wanted to play it again and make a bet.  Bets always mean a second date or something like that so I came up with a dumb one that could take place that night, whoever won got the bigger prize with the tickets we won.  He said "well that can be if you win, but if I win you have to kiss me"  I was SHOCKED and told him a couldn't do that, he asked why not and I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't sound rude so I just told him that it wasn't me to do that and I couldn't.  He tried pushing it more and I was not letting it happen.  He finally gave up and it was awkward for a bit.  Nickel City closed so they brought us back to our apartment and insisted that we play rook.  They stayed over until 2 a.m.  Sunday came and they kind of invited themselves over to watch the football game.  Remember that he goes to Dixie so he was just up for the weekend and was totally trying to take advantage of me...gross.  A few days later I found out that he was....18 years old! AAAAHHH! I feel so weird inside about it all, but no wonder he acted that't go if I knew, which is so true.  AAAAHHH! I feel so weird inside about it all, but no wonder he acted that way. Anyway every blog post for the past year or so has had a picture of my niece or nephew so I have to keep it it is

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